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Who is Live Epic Dreams?

We are a Team of dedicated entrepreneurs who do the marketing of the Crowd1 online network platform and to give the opportunity to each and every person who join our team to establish his own business with the necessary knowledge and training.

We believe leadership requires boldness. The future is defined by speed and the courage to adapt. To be exceptional, we must disrupt the norm.
Our vision is to create a wealthy sales force in the Crowd1 environment.
Our mission is to educate each and every member with the correct information of Crowd1 and how to do the business.

What is Crowd1?

Crowd1 is a network marketing company for networkers, that supports and markets online entertainment and travel. It is a legitimate registered global company, registered in Spain under strict EU compliance regulations. Crowd1 also has branches registered in 177 countries around the world, and is officially registered in South Africa under the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission.

The company is now officially launched worldwide and members of Crowd1 will begin receiving passive income when people all over the world are playing online games, playing lottery, sports betting, booking flights, hotels and travel packages..

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Who is Crowd1? (ICT Technology)

Crowd1 is an independent affiliated marketing company for networkers, that supports and markets affiliated online products. It is a legitimate registered global company, registered in Spain under strict EU compliance regulations. Crowd1 also has branches registered in 200 countries around the world, and is officially registered in South Africa under the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission.

Similar to Uber and Airbnb, who own neither cars nor beds, Crowd1 does not sell any products of its own. It markets other companies’ products and services on their digital online platform.

Crowd1 is an independent affiliated online network platform of like-minded team players always needing new players to join our rapidly expanding family – join and enjoy growing our network to the benefit of all members/players who participate, it is very satisfying and rewarding. A perfect opportunity is given to all to start earning EUROS using your mobile phone from the instant your account/profile is activated. Reality is that job security due to any reason has an impact on all of our lives especially when we’re all faced with our new normal (like it or don’t) Crowd1 is giving an opportunity to become self-sufficient and sustainable or even super wealthy if you chose – don’t delay decide today.

We have the perfect alternative income generating opportunity for you that is 100% online. An opportunity with a company that:

· Does not require any social contact
· Does not require huge set up funding
· Can provide a long-term residual income
· Provides you with a Euro income, daily, weekly and monthly
· Is 100% mobile and can be operated from anywhere
· Has ongoing support, tools and training to help you grow your business
· Will provide you with the products that you will be able to market and sell
· Has a global presence (over 2000 Countries) with huge potential to grow
· Is different to the conventional online business
· Is unique and is disrupting the norm within the digital advertising industry as well as the social media industry.

Impact Crowd Technology from Madrid Spain Crowd1 focusses on education and development of leaders rated currently as the fastest growing online marketing company which has a current membership of over 9 million independent affiliates in more than 200 countries – this is still pre-launch.

Crowd1 offers the perfect solution to supplement your earnings in EUROS using your mobile device (if you choose, this could become your main source of income in a very short time frame – dependent totally on your personal commitment) Again please don’t delay choose today as time is money in the true sense of the word and do not lose the opportunity to start earning in EUROS.

We Are Not:
· C1 is not Investment Company
· C1 is not Cryptocurrency Company
· C1 is not a Pyramid Scheme
· C1 is not a Gambling Company
· C1 is not Forex
· C1 is not Selling Shares
· C1 is not Developing Games
C1 is not a Scam – with 9 million members in 200 Countries


They Are:
· C1 is a Digital Online Platform of Affiliated Products
· C1 offers FREE Crowd1 Rewards
· C1 uses Bitcoin and ETH as Payment Methods
· C1 offers 5 Bonus Payment Systems
· C1 offers Affiliate Income via partner products
· C1 offers you an OPPORTUNITY to earn passive income


All Crowd1 members have access to our affiliate partners exclusive portfolios of products and services. With the library of unbeatable offerings, members can build a network of customers by using the online products on regular basis and earn referral commission on different levels.



How does CROWD1 work?

CROWD1 is an online Network Marketing Company, the 1st of this kind to combine Crowd Marketing with Online Network marketing to create a solid residual income for its members.

You register using a sponsor link, a person who will help, assist, support and guide you in your Crowd1 experience, into and through Crowd1. The sponsor must be someone who demonstrate knowledge and know Crowd1 as a business and processes of Crowd1.

Why should you join Crowd 1

Crowd1 members enjoy the opportunity/proposition to create and maintain their own networks generating their own income from a variety of bonus and profit sharing opportunities – automatic residual income, just by being a member is always guaranteed – all of this is within the Crowd1 platform which operating a 100% mobile online any where anytime with the 100% support from Crowd1 in all aspects of their own business.

All of this is within the Crowd1 platform with 100% mobile accessibility on your mobile phone anywhere in the world.

Compensation Plan:

Crowd1 serves all their associates with a world-class mix of amazing bonus systems built to suit your individual goals, whatever they might be.

There are SIX ways of getting paid:

Educational Package Sales Bonus

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Get instant rewards when referring a new Crowd1 member! Paid out in Euros.
Bonus point (BP) for each educational package sold:
1 Sold White Package for 99 EUR = 90 BP
1 Sold Black Package for 299 EUR = 270 BP
1 Sold Gold Package for 799 EUR = 720 BP
1 Sold Titanium Package for 2499 EUR = 2250 BP

Streamline Bonus

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The first bonus ever, where you’ll be able to earn money just by joining!

Watch how your C1 Rewards value increases weekly without you having to work for it! As the entire Crowd1 community of member grow, you gain! Everybody counts – anyone signed up after you increases your Streamline bonus and counts into your Streamline Bonus Level.

Fear of Loss Bonus

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Refer 4 people that each buys his/her own education package within 14 days from signing up and receive your money spent back. Conditions Apply.

The amount you get to keep is €3000 if you have referred 4 Affiliates that chose to buy Titanium packages, €1000 if you have referred 4 Affiliates that chose to buy Gold packages, €375 if you if you have referred 4 Affiliates that chose to buy Black packages and €125 if you if you have referred 4 Affiliates that chose to buy White Packages. If it is a combination of packages the lesser bonus will apply.

Long Term Residual Income

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Crowd1 now upgrades the long-term residual income, making it the worlds strongest online long-term and residual income bonus plan that beats everything in the industry. It turns each level into a profit pool based on sales from the world’s largest online markets.

You only have to qualify once to remain in a profit pool.

Matching Bonus

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Benefit from your team’s bonus.

The matching bonus pays out a percentage based on your personally sponsored teams’ Binary Bonus! The number of your personally sponsored members and your member package sets the matching level.

How does Crowd1 generate income?

Crowd1 invests where the optimum potential income opportunity is presented – as a member of Crowd1 you’ll be introduced to the leading e-learning, online gaming and gambling industries. Crowd1 uses its well-crafted strategy to help members contribute and create substantial revenue. When you purchase an education package, you will get automatic access to the educational course material in line with your purchased package. The short, accurate, and precise courses will also ensure you grasp the essence of the company.

Crowd1’s partners are forerunners of the different online digital platforms, as a Crowd1 member you will have direct access to these websites where you can purchase their products or invest with the knowledge you accrued on the courses in the educational packages.
Crowd1 Generates profits through these partners in which they share the profits with all their members.


Choose your Package!

  • TitaniumWhite
  • €99
  • Education package from Value €99
  • Crowd1 Rewards worth €100
  • Streamline up to level 4
  • Matching bonus up to level 1
  • TitaniumBlack
  • €299
  • Education package from Value €299
  • Crowd1 Rewards worth €300
  • Streamline up to level 8
  • Matching bonus up to level 3
  • TitaniumGold
  • €799
  • Education package from Value €799
  • Crowd1 Rewards worth €1,000
  • Streamline up to level 12
  • Matching bonus up to level 4
  • TitaniumTitanium
  • €2499
  • Education package from Value €2,499
  • Crowd1 Rewards worth €3,500
  • Streamline up to level 15
  • Matching bonus up to level 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Impact Crowd Technology’s head office is situated in Madrid, Spain

Name: Impact Crowd Technology S.L.
Founded in: Madrid, Spain
Tax Number: B88429436
VAT Number: ESB88429436
*Certificado de Identificación Fiscal

1. Online Gaming & gambling & sports betting
2. E Gaming and Social Gaming
3. E Learning

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ICT focuses on international trade & development by disrupting and changing traditional software distribution channels. ICT’s leverage lies in combining the crowd and gig economy.

Direct selling refers to selling products directly to the consumer in a non-retail environment. Direct selling allows individuals with no experience to start a business with modest overheads.
Direct selling offers user-friendly entrepreneurship to anyone: minor start-up costs and no experience required is all you need to start a business. In direct selling, distributors earn income by selling products directly to the customer. What’s more, Direct selling allows entrepreneurs to recruit others to join their sales network, sell products and increase their income potential.

ICT collaborates with network marketing ventures where sales depend on the distributor’s ability to share products and business opportunities. ICT strives to connect apps, software and services to committed and ambitious salespeople.

ICT’s portfolio of apps, software and services are sold exclusively through our ventures and affiliates. You will not find them through any other online retailers.

ICT’s direct selling business model is built on recommendations from ICT’s members to their customers.

For ICT to operate successfully as a privately held company it has an obligation to generate profitable results. Part of our revenue will be earmarked for charity projects. We aim to motivate and engage our successful leaders to join us in sustainable, legitimate charity projects.

During Q1 and Q2 of 2020, ICT will develop and launch the company’s CRS policy.

As the first vertical for digital products, it is logical to start with the industry that pays the highest commissions for new customer acquisitions. It is also the industry that is most used to work with affiliate marketing. Moreover, it is one of the most widespread industries. Finally, online gambling is heavily regulated and a sector where player protection and compliance has come a very long way in the past 5 years.

We are a start-up and cannot predict, or reveal, our long-term revenues with any certainty. Nevertheless, we are passionately committed to making a positive impact in the third world – which means engaging in CSR going forward.

We believe that in today’s world CSR is an essential part of running a business. It our responsibility to engage in sustainable, long-term projects that benefit communities in need.

Yes. For ICT to operate successfully as a privately held company within the European Union, we must comply with the relevant rules and regulations. Due to the nature and reputation of the industry we operate in, we have chosen complete transparency with respect to our business ventures. You can find further information under Corporate Social Responsibility (to be launched during Q2 of 2020).

Yes. We spend considerable human and financial resources on KYC procedures to verify our members. As KYC is a legal requirement, it is part of the expected compliance process within the European Union.

*Know Your Customer

Yes. This is part of ICT’s compliance and corporate governance policy. Furthermore, we have partnered with one of the world’s leading auditing companies to ensure we are fully compliant from a financial and legal standpoint.

Understanding our business model might seem difficult if you are not an active member of our network. Not having the right information and guides to help you can therefore create confusion and misunderstanding.

Yes. Crowd1 works with various affiliates that market products for our network to re-sell and/or for our members’ benefit.

No, Crowd1 is not a scam. We are a crowd marketing company that sells products and services through our affiliates. Moreover, ICT (and Crowd1) conducts business in accordance with the strictest European compliance policies, supervised by one of the world’s largest auditing companies.

Currently, Crowd1 sells education and training packages and a platform of different digital products. However, through our affiliate partners we offer various apps, software and services. During 2020, ICT will provide Crowd1 with additional products and services that the member network can re-sell and make extra income from.

We provide the platform of different digital online products. Our affiliate partners operate with the necessary code of conduct in the different industries. Nevertheless, in order to remain compliant, and for player protection purposes, we only cooperate with partners that adhere to the strictest industry rules and regulations.

Crowd1 does not charge a registration fee. You purchase an education and training package when you become a member of Crowd1. Moreover, you don't have to pay anything to become a member.

No. The education and training package you purchase when you become a member of Crowd1 is non-refundable.

Yes. Members are not obligated to stay with Crowd1 and can leave whenever they like.

Members purchase an education and training package when they become members of Crowd1. Choosing to upgrade an education package or attend any of our member events (some events require a ticket purchase) is voluntary.

ICT’s primary objective will be to supply Crowd1's members with a library of products, apps, software and services to recommend and sell. For each sale, Crowd1 members will receive a commission. Hence, commissions paid will primarily be as a result of the sale of products/services (provided by ICT). For this reason, ICT is currently recruiting a Product Team whose main objective will be to find suitable products for Crowd1's membership base.

No. Crowd1’s portfolio of products consists of software and apps.

With Crowd1, members decide how much time they want to spend on the business. Bonuses and remuneration are based on individual sales performance – i.e. the selling of products that are, and will be, made available (from ICT) through our affiliates.

Crowd1’s network consists of millions of highly ambitious members with a desire for entrepreneurship and sales, which provides both employment and a source of income. However, the nature of the industry means there are no guarantees, only opportunity.

No, Crowd1 is not a cult. But we are fortunate to have enthusiastic members.

No. A lack of understanding – especially on social media – has resulted in scores of reputable crowd marketing and online networking companies being labelled this way.

No, this is a common misconception. There is not a direct link between when a member joins Crowd1 and how much money he/she can make.
However, earnings depend on each member's ability to grow their network of customers and the sales of apps, software(s) and services.

As with all entrepreneurship, failure is common. According to Forbes, up to 90% of all start-ups fold. It’s hard to ”succeed”. Failure is simply part of a long learning curve that (hopefully) leads to fewer mistakes in future.

Answer is: YES
You will only get dividends which are based on the number of Crowd1 Rewards you have. The dividend will start to be paid in June 2020, but only a fracture of the profits sharing in the company and not the Retail Value of the Reward, because the company is not yet launched.

So try get more Crowd1 Rewards that is if you don’t want to recruit. You get more Crowd1 Rewards by buying a bigger package. E.g: Gold or Titanium.

Crowd1 will say for example we are paying 10 cents for every Crowd1 Rewards a person holds. This means if you have 1 Crowd1 Reward, then you will get 10 cents. But if you have 10 000 Crowd1 Rewards, then you will get €1000.00 for example This dividend is paid after every 3 months forever as long as you have C1 Rewards.

You can also sell your Crowd1 Rewards for a massive profit when the company is Launched and listed at the European Stock Exchange. This is where most people will bank huge sums of money and your rewards will become shares.

Note that as the Company will get more products on their platform and the C1 Rewards price increases.
Right now the Crowd1 Reward Retail price is €2.00 (R35.00) for AffilGo and €0.50 for Miggster when the company is launched.

Let’s say you have 10 000 C1 Rewards the price jumps to €5.00 when Miggster launches end of 2020. You would multiply 10 000 C1 Rewards by €5.00, which is the price of C1 Rewards. The this means You get (10000x €5.00=€50 000) Can you see how fast your money can grow just by having more C1 Rewards

Also note that if you sell everything when it is available, then you lose out on future growth and future dividends.

Let’s talk about when we reach 10 million members. Big companies will now want to affiliate with Crowd1 because they want the Crowd in the Network to buy their goods or services.

Let’s say BMW want to market their cars in Crowd1 the very same way they do in other platforms like Facebook and Google. They will have to pay marketing fees. The Crowd1 members will then share these fees among themselves as monthly residual income. Now imagine how much money Facebook and Google make just by advert fees.

Facebook made over $50 billion in 2019.

Now imagine sharing $50 billion amongst ourselves. In Rands that is sharing R700 000 billion..

Impossible is Nothing.

How to join

Select a sponsor and complete the process, it's as easy as that!

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